Improvised brew #3 (stout/porter)

Christmas beer 2015

Here is yet another improvised brew, containing Vikingmalt Sahti malt. Sahti is a traditional Finnis beer like brew, but quite different than beer (read more here). I like Sahti, so let's use those malts everywhere. Oh, and juniper twigs too of course! (see: sahti, koduõlun, gotlandsdrickan, maltølin)

I decided to try methods used in brewing Sahti, to my 2015 Christmas beer. One important part of Sahti brew, is very long mash time, for maximum transformation to get high alcohol content (8-10%) and sweetness.

So I decided to do double mash, using the same wort.

  1. Do first mash 11 hours
  2. Normal sparge
  3. Change in new malts
  4. Do a second mash 1,5 hours
  5. Normal sparge again

First mash 11 hours

In first mash (beta amylase) the goal was to maximize sugar output from Sahti malts. So I did 39  ̊C 0.5 hours, 49  ̊C 0.5 hours and 63  ̊C 10 hours. And then I forgot to measure gravity. Mash water amount 22 litres, against the rules of Grainfather manual..

Second mash 1.5 hours

Second mash (alpha amylase) was pretty much normal, 68  ̊C 1.5 hours to get some nonfermentable sugars and to get some taste out of Pale Ale, Cara Crystal and Black.

Finally I boiled with Irish moss bout 15 minutes, and on the 5 minute mark, I added the juniper twigs, hops, cinnamon, anise and some oak chips soaked in Monnet cognac.


Into boil I added some hops and herbs, on 5 minute mark.
  • 4 g Anise
  • 10 g Brewesr Gold
  • 10 g Zeus
  • 43 g Juniper twigs
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • some lemon peels
  • Monnet soaked oak chips


The result was a dark and thick wort. OG was 1.080. Fermenting produced A LOT of foam, that came out from the airlock. This has not happened with wort's with smaller OG.
Now that the beer has been in a bottle for one week, I'm happy with the final product. Extremely full bodied, sweet and tasty, yet there is noticeable saltiness from the ~2 dl of Monnet cognac put into the boil. OG.08 FG.02 gives about 7.8%

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