Improvised brew #4 (stout/porter)

home brew stout/porter

LeFuuuuuuuuu! Beer is out! Only one left, what to do.
More of course.

So I don't have any yeast, but I have one beer from the last #3 brew. It should have yeast in it, so I'm going to see if that can be used as a starter to get the fermenting started.

I'll do 15 liters with 6 kg malts, to get thick and dark like the last brew #3.

  • 400 g Chocolate wheat malt
  • 400 g CARA Crystal
  • 100 g Black
  • 5,1 kg VikingMalt Pale Ale
In to boil:
  • 25 g licorice root
  • 30 g juniper berries
  • 25 g Zeus hops
  • 25 g Brewers Gold
I brought the temperature to 65 C starting from 45 C in one hour. Then 2 hours in 67 C.
Only yeast I used was the ones found on the bottom of one bottle, from the last brew #3. Fermentation started really slowly, it took several days to start to get bubbles from the airlock.
But the fermentation ended normally after two weeks. Added about 56 g sugar before bottling.
After 3 weeks there is quite a lot of carbon, and it makes lots of foam when poured into glass.

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