Brew #6, Lingonberry Wheat

It's a Lingonberry season

Lingonberry or Cowberry, is the most common wild berry found in Finland. I have been collecting it every autumn for years now. This time collected a little too much for our freezer, so what would be a better use for it than put it in a brew! I wanted to do wheat beer for some time now, so I decided to use lingonberry in it too.

Lingonberry harvest

I boiled the berries in water (about 1kg), in the Grainfather malt cylinder, tho get the juice out.

Lingonberry juice boiled with water from 1kg of berries

Lingonberry Wheat Beer Recipe

  • Wheat Blond (Brewferm) 3EBC, 2 kg
  • Wheat Malt, Dark 14-18EBC (weyermann), 1 kg
  • Cara Amber 60-80EBC (weyermann), 1 kg
  • Cara Crystal 120EBC (brewferm), 1 kg
  • Pale ale malt 1 kg
  • Rice (boiled first) 0.34 kg
  • Hallertau Mittlefruh 30 + 30 g
  • Wyeast liquid yeast 1010
1.5 h in 67 C (50C -> 67C -> 75C)


OG: 1.063
FG: 1.021
ABV: 5.5 %
The final product after two weeks from bottling, is very drinkable, but does not have much lingonberry aroma in it at all. For next lingonberry brew I will definitely use more berries, maybe 2 - 3 kg for 15 l batch.

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